Thursday, December 16, 2010

Breaking my heart

My poor husband. He went right back to work on Monday, not even a break for a day, nothing. Now he's working very much overtime. He hasn't even had one day to decompress and enjoy being home. It makes me so sad. But at the same time it really invigorates me to keep doing what I'm doing, because it's the only way I can figure to get us both out of this mess.

John was so amazing in India. He took such beautiful pictures, he produced our next video, he made the Indians laugh, he made everyone laugh, he made friends, he helped is a waste of everything my creative, builder of a husband can do. It just kills me. Kills me.


On another note, SURVIVOR SPOILER HERE: Sure, this season is a dud, there's no denying it, like I've said, that's fine, there's going to be dud seasons here and there, but I thought that family night last night was one of the most touching ones I've ever seen. People really broke down when their families showed up and it just goes to show you how much we all need each other.

I'm rooting for Fabio. So be it.

So I'll sit here and work and not let myself blow off anything, because the bajillion hours my husband is putting in means that I can follow my dream of getting out of that rat race and eventually my dream will lead to his and its all connected.

I'm doing it babe...


BB said...

Thanks Love. Kick it!

BigHig said...

I'm all in on Fabio as well. And your husband, I guess. All in.