Friday, December 31, 2010

Christmas is past. Oh Christmas, you silly animal.

We had a good christmas, we really did. Nothing crazy, but last year was crazy and sad for us, so to have a plain old regular christmas is awesome. We had fun with my family, had fun with John's family, John's mom basically bought me a new wardrobe which made me cry. She knows what I like and she likes shopping. My clothes are old, they just are, it's not one of my priorities, so...I'm looking forward to a major culling. She also got me cake and lots of it. I married into good family.

Now it's New Years and that's good, it's a natural time to reflect, even if we think it's dumb. 2010 was a really good year for the Hixx, I turned 40, I went to Burningman, we went to business changed and grew, fun opportunities turned up, I really can't complain about much.

I'm looking forward to 2011 too. I think it's going to be the year of hard work. I'm looking forward to giving a few things my all - I can't wait to see what happens.

I'm restless. I want too much and I don't want to not want too much. I want to want too much, let's get this show on the road already. I'm tired of waiting.

I hope you all have a happy New Year and let's show 2011 how it's done.

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