Tuesday, October 12, 2010


All day - been thinking it was Monday.

Yay Tuesday! Good day. I went and filmed a segment with WLS today for their morning show and it was really fun. I walked around with a very pretty anchorlady and her cameraman and I showed her the pedway and it was awesome! Of course, had to get up really early to do this, and of course, that was totally fine. 6AM isn't a problem when you like what you're doing (and when you don't have to do it every day, but still, I think of I did have to do this particular kind of work every day at 6AM I would be totally fine with that, kay).

So yeah, good day.

Tonight I go to Buffy Trivia. Yes Viriginia, Buffy trivia exists.

We made some solid plans for India, I posted them here. Get back up on Lost and Found right? Pictures and blog posts about how frustrated I am probably going to be. Heh.

Buffy trivia.

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