Thursday, September 30, 2010

My goodness

Time goes fast.

Things are great around these parts - Pedway tour starts Monday and already I have gotten a great response. I'm really pleased. But! I figured really no one was going to sign up for the first I thought I had some time, but alas! Some people signed up for the first day (yay) so now I seriously gotta get my butt in gear. I know the path, I know the buildings, but there has been no real dress rehearsal per se, so we all know what I'm doing tomorrow right?

Right, getting inches taken off my hair.

See, my husband asks very little of his fair wife, very little. So when said husband does quietly ask for something, like for his wife to have long hair, said wife acquiesces.

But I've lately come to understand - much like my mother - I am a pinhead. It's okay it's okay, you don't have to say I'm not, I know I am. I can't even find sunglasses, seriously, ask John, can't do it. My face is so little that sometimes I buy kids sunglasses. It's a thing.

So with my really long (with terrible gray roots) hair, my face looks tiny and my head looks tiny. The hair just covers everything. And with my crunchy lifestyle at the moment, I never do anything with my very long hair except put it into a ponytail.

Tomorrow I will rectify the situation.

I think what John is most afraid of in this life is that I will get the middle-aged lady haircut. You know which one I mean, most women get it sometime after childbirth (just wash it and go!), but I can't promise him enough that I won't get that haircut. Not anytime soon anyway.

I just need something cute and sassy and that's going to cost a couple of inches.

So be it.

I'll be cute and he'll be happy cause he'll have a cute wife with a non-middle-aged haircut.

I hope.

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Cute it up babe