Monday, September 27, 2010


Alright alright alright.

Last week, what a dud. I really let things go last week. Granted, I did do some work and everything is fine, but man oh man I just let myself watch Buffy for hours. So sad.

This week? Well now this week is busy cause I let last week slip out of my finnies.

I have a private tour tomorrow, right by Hackneys. That's two good things.

My Pedway Tours start a week from today, so I have lots of finalizing to do. I already have a few reservations which is REALLY nice. I'm not sure what happened on that Boystown Tour, but it's nice to know that it's probably not me. Heh.

There's something happening here in Chicago Elevated land, of course I can't talk about it yet, but it's REALLY NEAT.

So I feel good this week. In so many ways Burningman continues to rear it's head in my life. There have been choices, so many choices for me to make since I got back and it's the little choices really. Do you want to smile at that lady or pretend not to notice? Smile at her...really, it's the better choice.

Do you want to fight that guy who obviously really wants to sit on the train? Or just let him have it because he obvs needs it more than you? Let him have it, why fight it?

Are you going to get jealous of your friend who is receiving great things or are you going to smile for her, clap for her and be happy for her? Happy! CHOOSE HAPPY.

I believe that if you are not a clinically depressed person, that happiness, or at least gratitude is a choice. It's so hard to make the choice. It's so much easier to be angry or jealous or sad.

It is difficult, truly difficult, to find joy every day.

It's fun though too, way more fun than finding sadness or anger every day.

I think I just ate moldy bread!

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