Monday, August 02, 2010

It's all getting so close

Oh how long I've been waiting for August 1st! And now it's all here and it's all happening and I'm really excited!

My 40th birthday is a week from today. I'm sure I'll do some big meaningful post, but suffice it to say...I love my birthday. Love it. The fact that I'm turning 40 changes none of that at all. But don't be surprised there's not some big party or something, no party. I'm having a quiet dinner with close friends on my actual birthday night and that's about it.

I gotta get myself to the desert. That's my birthday.

28 days till the desert. Tonight Harp comes over to start packing up our boxes and sending them to my brother (Hi Stu!) in San Francisco.

Holy balls.

I've got a couple of groups, couple of private tours, family coming in, Air and Water shows, bike rides and workouts to take care of until then.

So I'm good, I go to bed thinking about Black Rock City and I wake up thinking about it.

Once I get the desert out of the way, I'm off to India.

My how things have changed...

thank god.

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Hendo said...

I thought 40 would be scary, but it was actually a really fun birthday. 45... not as much fun, but doing all right.

Let me know what you crazy kids are up to! I'll bring the lil' lady along!