Friday, August 06, 2010


It's a big weekend in our house.

This afternoon John's sister and her husband come into town with their two kids. Mom and Dad are going to the Cubs game, Aunt and Uncle are babysitting. This should be interesting to say the least. We're good babysitters, we'll be fine.


So tonight we'll go to dinner, show the kids something urban and tomorrow we have a day filled with block parties, birthday cupcake making, the Lion King (that's for me) and then on Sunday I go to the Ren Faire with my friend John Alcott. FUN.

Then Monday is my big 40! I have a private day planned for myself on Monday, doing something I love more than just about anything (it may have to do with a one-armed bandit, but I ain't sayin' more than that) and dinner at Hackneys with my fam and a few friends.

Big weekend.

I'm tired already.

I am 40 you know...


BigHig said...

Happy Birthday!

Hendo said...

Happy Birthday, Margaret!