Thursday, July 29, 2010

Feeling it

My goodness.

My body still hurts from my Shred Experiment. I think what this goes to show most of all is:

1. How awesome those Shred videos are. I've been lifting weights, pushups, pullups all of this and STILL I've got major muscle-ache from the Shreds. Major.

2. I really need to keep switching things up. Even when you're working every body part in P90X there are still parts that aren't getting the attention they might from something else.

This week I've been having fun trying new videos and doing what I feel like doing that day. Yesterday I did a supplemental "interval" training that came with P90X and today I did PowerYoga, but not YogaX. It was nice. Just doing what I feel like. So I'm enjoying exercise this week, riding my bike, taking it easy but also working it. I'm getting a free gym membership for this next month and I'm looking forward to working out in a gym too. So yeah, maybe I will let the p90x die until after Burningman.


Sabrina and I have been told we're gonna want a pee funnel. There are portapotties at BM but they can be far away from your camp. If you wake up in the morning (or afternoon, heh) and have to use it, you're gonna want a pee funnel.

Oddly enough, we just read that there is an actual PEE FUNNEL CAMP! My goodness, is there anything they haven't thought of?

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