Tuesday, July 20, 2010

What in the $%()#@ is going on?


Things are coming down here at the Hixx/Eiberger household.

Yesterday morning everything was fine, yesterday by 2:00PM everything had gotten crazy!

1. Our car was dead and yesterday was street cleaning. So we had the car towed and paid to have it fixed (not cheap) but there are a zillion things wrong with the car so we basically paid a bunch of money to make sure we didn't get a ticket. We will probably not be keeping the car.

2. On my walk with Remo I noticed that he was holding his tail down. I looked it up and it's called "limp tail" and it's basically that Remo strained his tail. And Remo has this really cute curly-que tail, my mother calls it a "gay tail" and my dog just does not look the same. It's supposed to go away in a couple of days, it already seems to be better but it's breaking my heart.

3. We owe some money and a payment plan is not an option, it's not a lot of money but we just found out it's more than we thought and we are really trying to get Burningman and India money ready and with the car and this extra cash for this and my husband is just completely working so hard and somehow the money never seems to be enough although he's already made more this year then we both made all of last year...


So, I'm on the lookout for an American Beauty part time job. You know what I mean? No office. NO OFFICE. I want to work at McDonalds or bake in the mornings or something. Anyone have any thoughts on that?

It's just this week where everything is coming down. But the plus side of this is that these weeks happen - it's life, it's all about keeping my head together and not playing victim (why does this ALWAYS happen?).

Because it's way better to get this week out of the way now rather than 2 weeks before Burningman and they are just things we need to do or get through or pay and all those things are much easier when you at least have money coming in to pay them.




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Dan Izzo said...

Crazy idea for raising money (aka part time job):
1. Pre sell tours to all your buddies - like me. I'll take 2. Better yet - get people to pledge to buy tours from you - but only collect when you've got a pledge of 50 (that way peer pressure will sell a bunch).
2. Dog Walking & Tours = tours for dogs! Find people, friends again, who need dog walking, take a bunch of the dogs on tour (charge for the tour, not the walking). Do a press release on it. Generate buzz on your crazy tours. Raise money and buzz.
3. Offer your tour through Discovery Center (promotes tours and raises cash).
4. Offer a class at the Discovery Center on starting your own business - or even how to become a tour guide.

These ideas are all about leveraging what you already do, just putting an extra monetary spin on it.

Less crazy idea: Could you hit up various friends for odd job work? (Like post to facebook "I'll do whatever you want - within reason - for $10 cash/hour.")

Even less crazy idea: Visit elance.com (http://bit.ly/9Toadp) and bid on some of these writing jobs. If you're willing to bake muffins - you might as well be willing to write some copy freelance for some douchebag's website.

Again - just trying to offer alternatives which leverage your passion, enthusiasm, creativity and skills.

You are an American Beauty!