Thursday, July 22, 2010


I've entered a dangerous zone lately...I'm sure you've been able to kind of tell that over the blog...there's only so much energy I can give to these tours anymore and with Burningman coming up so quickly,'s easy to drop things. To let them go "for now," to sit around and wait for a month to pass by and let things be status quo for awhile.

However, my sense of guilt and my anger and frustration don't really let me do that, which is a good thing.

It's not that I don't want to fight for my tour, I do, but when does it become wasted energy to keep fighting for something? Maybe start something else?

But there is way more wasted energy in doing nothing.

So...many years ago I went to Sondheim speak, one of multiple times, but at this particular talk someone asked Sondheim for a piece of advice.

He said: Keep moving. Whatever you do, keep moving.

Then yesterday as I whined and whined to my brother, he said the same thing - keep moving.

So keep moving I will. I'm still going to market and maintain my tour, but I'm also not going to push it too hard.

I have an idea, I've had it for awhile. It's a creative idea, tied into my tour business somewhat. It's a daunting idea, a lot of work, A LOT of work. But I feel that the payoff, both financially and mentally will be really good.

It's a creative endeavor, one that as far as I can tell has not been done before.

It's an idea that when it comes to fruition will be, gosh, I dunno - 6 months from now? 8? Hard to say.

But I think this is what I need to work on now - starting it, doing it - moving.

And don't despair, I'm taking out a very prominent Boystown figure today, taking more advice of finding the movers and the shakers and letting them help me. I have a reservation for this weekend, maybe there will be more...

But I also think I need to let it go - for my own sanity - and let this Boystown Tour breathe on it's own.

And I need to to get myself to the desert.


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Erica said...


You can do it. You've done so much, just keep it going.

You are inspiring to me.