Monday, July 19, 2010


No blog post since last Wednesday huh? I'm slipping people! SLIPPING!

Everything is starting to come to a head in this house. My husband is working like a madman this week, my 40th birthday is coming up and Burningman then India.


Oh man.

The tours are still very sparsely populated. It gets me down, I ain't gonna lie. But now the negativity I feel around the tours is too much. I really need to change my attitude about it and just keep pushing through. It's not a failure, I'm not a failure and it's all part of the lessons I need to learn I suppose. But the more I sit around and say "no one's coming" the more no one is going to come. This is basic.

And there's a bigger goal here, than just running one successful tour. There are bigger goals here, I have to remember them.

So, on I trudge, forward I move...oh, and we finally got an air conditioner for our bedroom!

So everything is going to be okay.

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