Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Ups and Downs, mostly ups

The P90X dilemma...

I was asked by a friend this weekend (a guy friend, who wouldn't really notice this stuff anyway) if I had noticed any changes from P90X. I was so upset! I wanted to say "YEAH I DO! DON'T YOU?"


But here is the crux of the shit - I have noticed more from doing P90X than anything I have ever done. I notice it all the time - my friend asked "Where have you noticed it?" and I said "my shoulders, my butt, my legs, my stomach..."

And this is BIG ego talking, bit ego - but really - no one else has really noticed any changes.

Here's what I figure, the way that P90X is changing my body is totally apparent to me but really subtle to the people around me because what it's really doing is changing the shape of my body. Again, I haven't really lost weight, but EVERYTHING has shifted. Everything. The butt is a little higher, the shoulders more square, the back of my arms less waggly, my stomach is tighter - but none of this is noticeable to everyday people.

So, I'll just eat my ego and know what I'm doing is great for me and stop trying to get everyone to notice that my triceps are really starting to make that diamond shape I've been working 2.5 months for.




Erica said...

I can totally tell a difference, not like in your butt and abs, cause I haven't gotten up close and personal to them, but all around you look really toned. It's impressive!

Hixx said...

Thank you love...I really wasn't fishing (heh, maybe I was). But thank you anyhoo!

Yay ladies and exercise right? RIGHT?

Erica said...

Now we just gotta get you back to a hip hop class.