Monday, June 28, 2010


So tired. So happy.

What a weekend it was! What a week. What a week of indulging and playing and laughing and parades and gay men in underwear. My goodness.

I had the best time, not only at Pride, but getting ready for Pride. I got to hang with two of my favorite ladies and pretend we know how to sew. We also got a bit of our drunk on after shopping for our Pride costumes and the level of feisty in the ladies I choose to hang out with is astounding. We some passionate people.

Being on the float for Pride was probably one of the greatest things I've ever done. The guys over at Berlin are so kind, so helpful, so sweet, so hilarious, we couldn't have picked a better float to be on. We were pretty much last in line and seeing the people that hung out for the rest of the parade was so cool.

So many people, so much happiness, so much acceptance, so much dancing and drinking and laughing and singing.

It made me angry and emotional at one point....yeah...these are the people to hate, these are the people that are ruining the god. Thank god for them, seriously.

There were emotional moments when I might have shed a tear and moments when I cried out of joy and just so much laughter.

I'm totally reenergized. I want to help. I want to spread the word on Boystown, I want to be a part of this movement even if I'm a married straight lady.

But for now, for today, I detox.

Gotta clean this body up for all the work I have to do!

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