Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Suck it Jillian

First off, that show of hers I did not dig. "losing it with Jillian" or some such. She just seemed to be forcing it too much, like she knew what self-help thing to say before she said it. I dunno. It's just not flying with me.

And John and I were talking last night about the fun thing about P90X. I'm going to go back and do Shred 3 afterward and rip that thing apart. Whatever Jillian, a minute of Plyo? Bring it, you don't scare me and your lunges and crunches and what not. That's nothing. John suggested I do all 3 Shreds and make a video of me cruising through each one. Heh.

The P90X is still going really well. I have taken it to a new level this week. I still wasn't "bringing it" as much as I could have, so yeah...ow. But I am really starting to notice it and people around me are too which is nice. I'm about halfway through and I'll be curious to see how I finish. I really wish I had taken some "pre" pictures, but I didn't.

And I do think it's given me way more energy. Somehow I can do all the things I need to do in a day without completely freaking out, so that's a plus.

Will I ever run again? I'm just not sure, I can't even imagine trying to run right now, although my bike is back in the mix.


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