Sunday, June 06, 2010

Do The Right Thing

It's been quite a week, a hint of weeks to come. I had my first two tours last week, I had the scavenger hunt, I had two practice tours for the Second City tours that start a week from today, I had family in town, tours this weekend and just an all around running kind of week.

It was great too man. This is what I've been waiting for. I knew "tour season" would be crazy once it started, but I really worked my ass off this week and even beyond that, I did good this week.

I have a problem, always have, where I don't really give 100%. It's hard for me to do that, it's just not in my being. I'm always the person who does a good job, a good job for sure, but very rarely do I put my heart and soul into what I'm doing.

And this week, I really did. My tours went well, I communicated with the people I needed to communicate with, I let everyone know what was happening, I had a lot of great friends come out and I was so grateful, I did my damndest to make sure everyone around me understood that I understood what they were doing.

The scavenger hunt scared the shit out of me. Truthfully, kids scare me a bit - I'm not sure how to relate really. The tour I gave for them originally was okay, I wasn't sure I was getting through to them at all, these are like 10 year olds, smart as hell. So the scavenger hunt scared me, but I went downtown and wrote some really fun clues and the hunt really well. PERFECTLY timed, perfectly, I planned it so well. The kids had a ton of fun and the dads told me later they totally learned something too. I was so relieved and happy.

I also gave a Boystown Tour on Thursday to two lesbians from Alaska and we just had the best time. They were so fun, they knew so much about everything and we just wandered Boystown, drinking wine, looking at art - the tour went over by almost an hour just because we were having a good time.

Family time was great too, hanging with my brothers and having actual conversations.

It was just a great, busy, rocking week with me doing what I'm supposed to be doing, with me being happy with my work, doing P90X every day, working my ass off physically and mentally and crashing into bed at the end of the day so exhausted and happily spent....this is what it's about people.

Bring on this week.

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