Monday, June 14, 2010


You know how sometimes a movie, for whatever reason, just lights a little fire and you have to go see it in the theater?

Splice for me is that movie. I don't know, it just looked good and from the previews, I was impressed that they really showed "the monster," you know scary movies, they never show you what you want to see, so the fact that Splice did...well, it looked good.

So we went this past weekend and OMG! Splice is the craziest movie ever. There were parts that were horrifying, parts that made us laugh out loud with their dumbness and parts that had me writhing in my seat with weirdness.

I mean, most horror movies don't show you anything, in a lot of ways, Splice shows you too much. Not in terms of gore or blood or anything, but just in terms of "my god this is bizarre."


After we all saw it we talked about it, and talked about it and talked about it and did bits from it and went back and dissected it's plot points and character studies and I think by the time 24 hours later hit, we had all decided that Splice was actually a pretty good and REALLY weird movie.

I can't really recommend it because there are parts that are so bizarre that you might not really like them and I don't want to be responsible for that. It's like the time I recommended the book American Psycho (really great book) to a nice lady at work and she never looked at me the same after she read it.

Just....if you see it, tell me.


Anonymous said...

I saw it...and liked it very well. It's stuck with me, and I think about it, which is the amrkmof a decent film in my mind.

I like it when the science in a movie is adequate to the task, a la Jurassic Park or Star Trek, instead of blowing a wad of pseudo scientific smoke up my ass.

I came out feeling entertained, but that little nubbins of thoughtful exchange had taken place: morality, ethics, humanity, and most of all, issues of bonding and parenthood. All without stepping on what is really just a creature feature, and without pretense.

Oh, and then there was that really squirmy Freudian part...


Hixx said...

Right? That's what we thought, we kept thinking about it, talking about it, I even watched The Fly last night because it had so many remnants of that.

But um yeah, that Freudian stuff (nice way to put that) was completely out of control!