Friday, June 11, 2010


just like on the Amazing Race, when you're so sure you're out of it, sometimes you're not. Just remember that everyone.

Just got back from downtown and the parade, it was totally fun. Again, I'm not really much a sports fan, but I am a Chicago fan and today was fantastic. I got stuck everywhere that I was pretty much, you'd think as a tour guide I"d have some insider knowledge, but no, I stood there with all the other hot, excited people. That was fine. And I left after I saw the ticker tape and heard the Hawks go by. But it's just fun to be down there and people are so funny and weird. I love it.

I've had a brilliant marketing idea for the Boystown Tour, it's brilliant. I'm not quite ready to say what it is yet, I'm still getting the go-ahead from certain persons, but a little good news sparked my brain into thinking.

So, my awesome ebbs and flows. I'm starting to get used to that. I push through when it's low, but lately I've been getting scared it's gone and then something nice happens and I get it back. It's hard to lose your awesome once you've found

I also wrote a pretty famous person in his sphere of work and offered to give him a tour when he's in Chicago, said famous person seemed really pleased and said maybe in October. THAT IS AWESOME.

Just saying.

Have a great crazy weekend everyone!

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