Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Holding it together

Oooh, this is all so interesting isn't it? I'm totally freaking out about marketing this dang tour. I'm doing okay, but my god this is hard. I'm starting on the concierge path and it's .... not easy. There's a lot to do for them, you can't just walk in there and smile and get them to help you, no way. You gotta show a lot of attention, bring cookies, press clippings, rack cards, send them emails, set up a special concierge tour (with appetizers and drinks I'm sure) and oh man, it's just got me a little overwhelmed. One person doing this work is tough going. But, the tour is ready and the Second City tours are ready and this is what my job is now, so do it I will. I'm just so not sure what I'm doing, but I'll learn, right? Oh god.

I'm halfway through P90X. It feels good to be almost halfway through and I'm looking forward to seeing what the next few weeks bring in terms of body change. Certainly already I've seen change (still haven't really lost weight, it goes up and down a bit these days, but nothing significant), my arms are definitely more defined and my tummy. I'm also getting better at them, he does these things called Fifer Scissors that make me cry oh god I cry. When I first started I could maybe do 5 of them, yesterday I did all 25, that was a real victory!

But of course I want more, more muscles, more weight loss...but the truth is, I still really like to eat! But I can tell you FOR SURE that if you went on their nutrition plan and did P90X like you're supposed to, you would DEFINITELY be in major freaking shape after 3 months. No doubt about it. That's the other thing I do like about it, they are not lying dude. All those videos you see on the infomercials, straight up, this stuff is the shiznit.

I might do it again after I'm done, take a week off and start over, this time with bands instead of a pull up bar and weights.


Here is a short video of Fifer Scissors (scissors, get it)


Erica said...

Yowza. I am so impressed with you for doing that workout! It is really inspiring and I kind of want to try it...

Yeah, Marketing sucks! Too bad you can't hire someone to do that for you and you can just concentrate on the cool and creative. I wish I had marketing skillz to help out.

Hendo said...

Don't get freaked out! Marketing is a huge job... break it down into daily, weekly and monthly tasks and goals that are REASONABLE.

Remember... how do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.

Anonymous said...

How do you eat an elephant?

Start with the ass while you are still hungry. If you save it till last you'll be unhappy.


Hixx said...

Erica, thank you friend! I read you are doing some boxing? You're right on schedule for the P90X baby!

Marketing sucks, but it's also a matter of just realizing what Hendo said, it's not all going to be done in a damn day, I'm eating the elephant's butthole.

Dan Izzo said...

Marketing is a challenge. I've got a new favorite expression: "Hurdlers hurdle." The idea is some of the stuff that's viewed as the crap of business, is in fact what 'business' is. Marketing isn't a necessary evil, it's an essential vital component.

I think people get freaked out by asking people for stuff. Which is silly because at the end of it, you're asking them for money for your services. If you're willing to ask for that, it's simple to ask for things like referrals, recommendations, etc.

On PX90 - are there videos? How do you start without spending money on the infomercial?

Hixx said...

Izz, thank you. It really is a vital component and I'm starting to see that. I feel good at selling myself, sometimes I just get overwhelmed, feeling like I can only do so much.

P90X. John got them for me...

Dan Izzo said...

You absolutely made the right decision. I would've called on Friday - but I was with the boys (Trish was out of town) and had my hands full.

Like I said - why give somebody else money when you can use that money to promote your own business.

It's a brave decision because franchises always seem like the easy way to go. They aren't. 90% of them are a waste of money for someone who wants to own and run their own business. Franchises are really great for rich dudes (there's a reason Subway is owned by Doctor's Associates Inc.) who need an investment with interesting tax benefits. For winners like you - go it alone!