Wednesday, May 26, 2010

We all have them

Oh Hixx, you haughty little minx with all your talk of awesomeness and greatness and just-get-off-your-butt-and-do-it-ness. How the mighty fall by god.

I could kill today. I could kill it and murder it and throw it away and burn it and mash it up against the wall until crumbles, crying, weeping for mercy. There will be no mercy today.

Started out okay with my new Phase 2 of P90X, today was chest (pushups), triceps (more pushups with your hands closer together, and oh yeah, chair dips) and shoulders (lift things out and to the side with your arms straight), but still, it was fine.

And now, some 4 hours later, I have done almost no work, the dog's got the runs so bad that the Nile ain't just a river in Egypt - there's one right here in Chicago, and for some ungodly reason google won't let me into my google docs, where I keep everything, oh wait - I mean everything I don't write down with pen and paper - see that would happen in this notebook that I write everything down in, everything - guess what guess what? Can't find it, no I can't. So I can't get into either of the information resources due to me at all and my tour starts Saturday.

But it's fine, it really is I mean, who cares right? It's nothing, no biggy.


So, I'm honestly right now, going to try to just get past the frustration. Sometimes it's fun to be frustrated, it takes your mind off what you need to do and you end up doing something dumb to release it, like eat or drink or cry..but we all know it's useless, sometimes the unhealthy in us likes useless.

But right now, I'm going to not do that. I have to go to the store today so off I go to the store. Outside, the car, the radio - who knows if I can get into my docs when I get home? Or if I'll ever find that the tours - like a wedding or a high school performance of Our Town - goes on with or without my google docs, so I might as well keep working.


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