Monday, May 24, 2010

On Lost, Weddings, Indian Food and the nature of sunshine

Well summer happened huh? I love it. I'll eat it up. Let the sweat drip, I care not! The only thing I will say is that we burned up in our bedroom last night and not in a sexy way, in a hot, gross, husband and wife kind of way. Blech. We have a little AC for our bedroom now. Thank you husband.

But other than that, I love it. It smells like Thailand, all the green and oxygen..then you walk by the garbage and it really smells like Thailand! Poor Thailand. I hope they figure that mess out. Deep I am!

We have not watched Lost, it is almost 24 hours later and we still have no idea what happened. People seem to be great about not giving away spoilers, or maybe it's that it's just too much to give away in one line of a tweet or status update, but it's still great, we don't know anything. Tonight we shall have Italian Sausages and watch Lost. Again with the hot, sexy, married couple, right?

We went to a wedding yesterday, lovely wedding. Outside in the sunshine, afterward they had bags and fun. The bride reminded me of myself, stuck somewhere in the middle of giggling and crying, being amazed and being was so great. And great wedding company as well....ooh and the best brownie balls I have ever had. I love weddings.

John and I, well really me, are starting to try more Indian food in preparation. We ate Thai food all the time before we went there, I would like to have more familiarity with the food before we go. Y'all have any Indian food suggestions? Y'all?

Boystown Tour starts Saturday! I'm freaking out and totally not. If you would like to attend this weekend, I'm doing 5$ tickets for friends and family to build up the attendance, please come! I would love that, just let me know....there is still definitely room available! Especially's at 5:00 and it's an hour and a half, and it's going to be great.

That's all I got, really I'm just waiting for John to come home so we can start the Lostapalooza!


DGold said...

Shan Foods on Sheridan and Winona is CHEAP and DELISH. I'm not a big Indian food lover but this place is great and never disappoints. Make sure you mention "no cilantro" when ordering or they'll cover your dish with it. I know you're not a lover like me.

Hixx said...

Thanks Dgold! Especially for the cilantro warning...