Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Stupid Buttlicking Cold

You know, I thought to myself as I felt myself getting sick - I will not be one of those people that goes on Facebook and Twitter and talks about how sick I am - but yeah, I'm totally one of those people. I think I just want sympathy and for someone to love me...sigh.

So yeah, caught the creeper cold. Throat on fire Monday night, on fire, couldn't sleep. Woke up on Tuesday feeling oh so much better. I was actually surprised and maybe a little proud, I shut that one out with will for petes sakes - but then last night around 11, it all moved up into my head and by 11PM I was disgusting.

And I remain disgusting.

I don't know why we all think we need to tell everyone we're sick all the time or why it's even remotely interesting...

But alas, and here is what is bothering me the most: PX90. DAMMIT. I was on such a roll remember? And there's just no way in hell I could do it yesterday or today. So now what? I've thrown it ALL OFF and I'm pissed.

I also have a crazy/important/fun day tomorrow and have no interest in being sick for it. Ugh. I hate being sick. I know no one loves it, but yuck.

Stupid PX90 and busy days and bbqs and baseball games.

But next week I have 3 private tours, my own tour to get ready for and all kinds of things, so I guess it's better that I'm sick now and not then.

What xbox netflix stream should I watch tonight?

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