Friday, May 14, 2010

Back in the Saddle, mostly

Yeah, defs feeling much better. Although I've been taking Nyquil which really is a Class A drug as far as I'm concerned and thank god for it, because it did allow me to sleep through the night. But yeah, I don't think it makes me feel very well the next day. My stomach has been weird and I feel groggy.


But yesterday I had this wild, busy day, running around like a chicken with his bowtie cut off and kind of really enjoyed it. Like....I'm doing all this when I don't feel well and I actually...oh my god....I actually might feel better. I worked and played and performed and by the end of the night I was just beat and that's the best feeling in the world.


I can't believe Survivor Sunday is this Sunday! I'm so excited. Just so excited. I mean, this season has been exceptional. I was wondering last night if they're going to be able to go back to a regular season with a bunch of dumbasses and still have it be interesting, and I decided that YES, of course they can. Different every time. Joy of Survivor.

I'm full on in the Parvarti camp now. Full on. That girl is brilliant. She seriously is fairly drama free - especially if you start comparing to Sandra and Jerri. She keeps her cool every step of the way and lasts in immunity challenges.

Jerri is as dumb as a box of rocks - no girl, you DO want to go up with Colby or Rupert (or both) because you just might have a chance against PussyColby, you might, because he has become a pussy. I hate that word as much as everyone else, but it fits exactly. Jerri - you do not want to go up against Russell and Parvarti - you BIG DUMMY.


Sandra playing the idol was awesome. Jeff looked at her like he could hug her.

Colby yelling at his brother that whole time? Are you kidding me? Where did you go my big stud? What happened? I'm still pissed Boston Rob left before the family came, I would so love to see Ambah.

What's going to happen now that it's over? I'm so sad.


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