Monday, May 10, 2010

hi hi HI!

Hi blog! hi!

Things are really starting to heat up in the hixx house, seriously, it's a moving train and I can't stop it. Even with a whistle...and gates and lights and bells. I hope no one is on the Hixx track cause this baby is barreling through...okay, done with the train analogy.

So okay, Boystown Tour is great, so great. It has all settled itself out and I have started along the winding road of marketing. Doing this is much more fun when you know what the tour is going to be .... huh.

I'm on my 3rd week of PX90 and have been asked if I've noticed any changes yet...maybe? Not sure. So hard to say, I study my body so closely I have no idea if it's getting stronger - well, I mean I know it's getting stronger for sure - but not sure if I can see it. I think I can, but not sure. But I still really dig it and even got up Sunday morning with a full blown hangover and did's commitment dammit. But am I getting stronger? There's no way I'm not. My body tells me that with it's hurting glutes and abs. Love it.

I will tell you this, I am certainly not LOSING any weight. I know I know, muscle weighs more than fat and all that, I'm pretty okay with it, I'm trying not to be concerned with weight but concerned with my strength and safety, so...yeah...thanks a lot Tony Horton!

Got a couple more private tours, which I love and other things in the secret hopper that are just to new and raw to talk about.

Glad the brothers won the race, would have liked the cowboys but I did think the brothers did a great job and they did it by actually loving each other and being kind to each other, so good for them.

I'm pushing for a Sandra Survivor win and hoping that Colby gets swallowed by some big island eel that eats pussies for breakfast.


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