Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Folks, I don't remember when the Pedway Tours were over, I think March 26th or something. But I haven't really given a tour since then, not a full-on awesome tour.

Today I had a bunch of people from a retirement home, oddly enough, one of the satellite places from where my mom stays. It was a Pedway Tour - an hour - then lunch - then a walk around for about a half hour.

I used to be frightened of older people, but go ahead and get your mom paralyzed and stuck in a home and that goes away right quick. I was excited today and looked outside, saw the day and yay. The second I opened my mouth it felt good. The second I saw 15 people waiting for me, I felt good.

We all just had such a good time. I love my job. It's been back and forth lately, there's been a lot of admin work and marketing and planning and in the back of my mind was a little voice who was saying "this is not that fun." I'll admit it, I got worried, what am I doing? I don't like this that much, what's happening?

I wasn't giving tours, that's what was wrong.

The admin, the marketing...that's just stuff to get me to give tours. If I'm not giving any I don't see the bright side. Today, I saw the bright side again. Oh it was just such a great day, the people were fantastic, some had lived in the city for 60 years for petes sakes. And I think they had a great time, I blew them kisses at they hopped on the bus, all of them blowing kisses back and clapping.

What a rush.

Yay. Hixx is definitely back.

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