Thursday, May 20, 2010


Okay, so I'm Day 2, Week 4 of the P90X. Still really digging it.

But you know Tony, he switches things up so you're not doing the same thing every week. The first 3 weeks you do the same routine each day (monday - chest & arms, tuesday - yoga, wednesday - legs and back, etc.) so you do that for 3 weeks then the 4th week is "recovery week." Basically you let your body relax from the weight lifting and you do 2 yogas (which are NOT easy and relaxing, this is hard yoga yo), a Kenpo (martial arts type stuff) and TWO CORE SYNERGISTICS.

Now, I've been proud of myself and the way I've held up with a lot of this...I can generally get through a workout doing all the exercises in some form or another, but holy balls on fire...core synergistics was TOUGH.

You're rolling around on the floor, you're trying to stand up, sit down, push up, push down. And hell, it's short compared to most X workouts. They can take anywhere from an hour 15 to an hour and a half for yoga, but core was only 58 minutes...that's how I knew....

It also just made me realize how still truly weak I am in that way. I can plyo, I can lift some weights okay, I can Kenpo, but I could not do so many of these exercises.

But, I'm definitely starting to notice some stuff now, I'm just generally "harder." I also started losing weight, it's coming off alright alright. My appetite is weird. I'm not hungry not hungry not hungry then I get RAVENOUS really quickly.

I do this now for this week then next is back weights, yoga and kenpo...then another recovery week in week 8 when Tony PROMISES core will be easier. Ha.

P90X people, you hate it, but you love it.

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