Sunday, May 02, 2010

Confusion and taking time off

My business is starting to confuse me. I've hit a bit of a roadblock and I'm really working on talking myself down from this very confused ledge.

One thing to start with, there is almost no one I can talk to about this stuff. I wish I had some kind of tour mentor! I mean, I can ask my friends and my husband some of the more philosophical business questions, but when it comes down to actualities, there is no one to ask advice from. Which means, it's all on my head! Which I normally like obviously, but I've thought myself into a corner and now...blah!

Basically, I've told a few people that my tour was going to start on May 9th. If I bust my ass I can still have it start then, BUT, no one will be there. Because I've been working so hard on getting the tour together, I have done no marketing. Now, do I go back on my word and change it? Or do I keep my word and start it when it's really not ready and no one will be there? Ugh.

I think I'm going to change the start date. I really want a big "opening" for this, I want the tour to be full on it's first day, not some practice tour for two of my friends that came you know? Ugh. Whatever. I'll figure it out. Ugh.

But the second thing that's come up a lot lately is my "time off." Certainly I enjoy my time and I don't work like a madwoman, but the thing is, I am working all the time. Because it's on my mind all the time, because I'm working through it all the time, thinking of it ALL THE TIME. And I work in such weird spurts. Sure, today is Sunday but I'm working now and just had a meeting, but then I'll stop in a I work pretty much every day.

Do I take a day off? That doesn't seem to work for me, one whole day when I don't do work at all?

I know Chris Guillebeau states that he has one day a week that he doesn't even look at the computer till after 6PM. I could do that...definitely. A Saturday or a Sunday, but then once tours start up...I just don't know.

I dunno. I'm all over the place people.

I'm just gonna go watch the Amazing Race.


smussyolay said...

1. yes. there are people you can talk to about this. you are not the only person in the u.s. doing this. find them. talk to them. garner their advice.

2. yes. take a day off. or most of a day off. rest is good. even though you have a flexible schedule, if you kind of always feel like you're working, that's bad mojo.

3. the starting the tour on the day you said it would. .... i see both sides. why NOT do a practice tour for those two friends who came so when you go from beta to real it's even more awesome? then you have the NEW "real" tour date that you've marketed for. ??

SO good to see you the other night.

Hixx said...

Thanks Smuss!

I know I know, you're right. I am not an island!

I always feel guilty taking a day off, it feels weird and like a waste of a day, but must push it..

Oh, I'm definitely doing the practice tours, that's a for sure, it's just I feel silly changing the date...but like...5 people knew what the original date was anyway.

New dates for Boystown Tour coming up! Ha.