Thursday, April 29, 2010

Hi little blog!

For some reason I really miss Chicago Stories today. Like it's an old friend, I was actually racing home to come write here. I dunno. But that's nice right?


I did my reading last night and GODDAMN was it fun. There's all this love going around today from all of the readers and it's like a high school show - we all just love each other now. It was a reading of everyone's "first time" and oh my was so neat. Everyone's piece was awesome and everyone was so different and oh my god, it was just so fun and congrats to my friend Smuss who put on a fantastic event. It was easy, fun, quick moving, hilarious and just so well done. Congrats Smuss, what a great night.

PX90 - going really well, I like it a lot. Tony Horton is a total cheese but something about him makes you feel like a badass. When I do Jillian I feel like she's the badass and I'm trying to get to her badass level which I know will never happen. But with the PX90 they are total badasses but for some reason, I feel like one too. I'm grunting and pushing and stopping and sweating and I just totally dig it. I have one more tomorrow and my 1st week will be done! The ab-ripper continues to kick my butt.

I have a question, why does everyone love ING accounts? Remember I'm 5 when it comes to banks and money and stuff. Are we supposed to have an ING account? What is it? Why?

Boystown Tour going well, getting down to the wire over here, waiting to hear back from the place where I want to start and finish, as soon as that happens, WATCH OUT.


Have a good day! SURVIVOR!


gena said...

i know nothing about nothing, but we use the ING acct for wedding and savings and i like it because it was super easy to set up and we both can put money straight from our checking at separate banks? and it has interest. shrug. that's probably how most place are but all i know is ING. also... lions are cool.

rachelle said...

i think ING is known to have a higher interest rate

Kate said...


I started an ING account because the interest rates used to be kickass. Now they're down quite a bit, but still better than my stupid Chase account (I earned less than a dollar in interest from them in 2009). I'm thinking credit unions might be the way to go right about now since they offer some great interest rates on basic savings and checking accounts -- one in town I'm interested in gives, like, 3 percent interest while my ING gives just a little over 1 percent.

Becky Eldridge said...

ing is awesome because it's so easy, and also forces me to really think before I move money from my savings to my everyday checking.

I've never been good at keeping a savings accounts at my everyday bank (chase)---so having this one seperated is really good for me.

Awesome on the reading!