Thursday, April 08, 2010

Root of it

Had a root canal today. I hate them. I've had probably 4? Maybe 5? I'm getting pretty good at it.

It totally doesn't hurt while he's doing it. It just feels weird, like someone's ramming a pole in your head. I brought my ipod to listen to some podcasts but the only one on there was Bill Moyers talking to some dude about a damn Abraham Lincoln ballet. Really? Like that's going to take my mind off some guy shoving a pole in my head?

But they're really nice and the guy actually is smart enough to give one shot of novocaine and then WAIT for a minute to give the other ones. It always pissed me off when they would just shoot all over right away, just WAIT and then it won't be so painful!

But you know me right? I've planned a very quiet day for myself...I have a few movies to watch - Godsend with Robert DeNiro and Greg Kinnear about a creepy kid, I saw the beginning on TV and was enraptured enough to get the DVD and I have Surrogates and an episode of Damages and I have some writing and researching to do.

You know, for our trip to INDIA.

So wish me luck on waning numbness.

My new band - Waning Numbness.

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