Friday, April 09, 2010


3 days of no comments, let's comment bait!

Survivor is not the same without Boston Rob, it's still good and Sandra made quite a move last night and that's fun, but it has definitely lost some allure for me. So be it.

Root canals put me in a really shitty mood. So be it.

I just don't get to the South Side that often. SBI

That new Twilight movie (I don't know...New Moon, Twilight...whichever one has that totally gay Taylor kid who is pretending that he's not gay) is so stupid. I never read any of the books, but I saw the first movie and this one and WOW, I was laughing out loud sometimes. She's brilliant though, that Stephanie the author lady, brilliant. But the movie BLOWS.

I have no idea what's going on on Idol. None. Is it worth it to watch? Isn't Bowersox going to take over?

I need new running songs, anyone have any recos on some AWESOME upbeat tunes for me?

Anyone know anything about India?

Anyone know anything about Chicago's gay history?

Anyone know how to plan a scavenger hunt in the city for kids?


Happy weekend!


rachelle said...

Shows I used to be really interested in that are now losing appeal in a major way: Survivor, American Idol, Amazing Race, Project Runway, America's Next Top Model. I think I'm ready to move past reality TV! ..although I'm still watching all of these shows except ANTM. I just could not deal with that crap again.

I sort of regret all the time I spent reading those Twilight books last year. The first on sucked me in, but then it got so out of control I couldn't even stand it. DONE.

Have you run to Girl Talk? It's the best. Or make a Genius list based off a Girl Talk or Daft Punk song.. or Jay-Z.

I know I like chicken tikka masala, but that's about all! Margaret Lyons traveled to India and love love loved it. You should hit her up for tips.

Chicagoist has a few really good GLBT writers right now. Maybe they'd be willing to help on gay history research?

I don't know how to plan a scavenger hunt for kids in Chicago, but I was just reading a kids in Chicago site today (prepping for a younger niece's visit) -

Is that enough comments for now ? hehe. I need to get out of this office NOW, while it's sunny! I'm so jealous of your days outside!

Hendo said...

There was a great documentary on WTTW about Chicago's gay history... you should start there. It was INCREDIBLY thorough, and went back to the 20's and 30's, as I remember.

BigHig said...

I think Boston Rob is over rated. But I love me some Russell, so I would think that.

I 2nd Girl Talk. There's always a party in that guys pants.

The wife and I watched New Moon over the weekend. That would be the greatest movie ever if I was an awkward, chubby, emo teenage girl. So of course, I loved it.

Vincent Truman said...


Hixx said...

First of all, thanks guys for the comments! Nice.

Rachelle - I'm pretty much done with ANTM and American Idol, I'll watch if I happen to be watching...Survivor I still love and will always love, but DANG.

Girl Talk - noted from you and the Higs.

Hendo - My guess is you're talking about Out & Proud in Chicago. The book is on it's way but I'll do a search for the show, I learn from TV.

Higs - Boston Rob is overrated? WHAT DID YOU SAY? Okay, I suppose that's okay to think, but it's actually wrong...heh. And I too like emo teen movies, a lot, but this one just killed me. We'll have to talk.

Vincent - OMG2!

rebar said...

1. I believe I FB'ed that I wanted Coach punked and have Russell turn on him after the BR debacle, so I'm really glad Sandra was smart enough to make that happen.

My only fear now is that Russell will realise what happened or just that Sandra is smart in general and start gunning for her this week.

Since everyone (other than BR, Russell and Sandra) is playing like an brain dead asshole this season [ex: the Nerds thinking that they should "save" Russell to get him on their side] - I think Russell will take it all the way.

Which I am conflicted about.

On one hand, I'm so over his ego...but on the other hand, for him to be King of the Douches and Nerds season...somehow seems fitting.

Although, we, as the watching public will NEVER hear the end of how awesome he is from Russell himself, should that come about (which is the main reason, I find myself in the ANYONE EXCEPT RUSSELL camp lately.

2. I fear root canals. Fear them.

Yet to have one...but I am sure it is only a matter of time since everyone I freaking know has had one.

3. The entire Twilight franchise BLOWS.

After 15,000 women told me to read the book, I did. While I can see the appeal for love starved tweeners...I have to say, looking back on the kinds of books my tweener self read back in the day?

I think she'd agree with me that this book makes "Flowers in the Attic" look like Pulitzer material.

The first movie blew monkey chunks.
For some reason, I heard the 2nd was better, so I gave it a shot.

That's it.

While I agree that Stephanie Whatsherface is a marketing genius, this series is about as artistically fulfilling as a Mary Kate and Ashley marathon.

Make your money girl.
I begrudge you none of it.

But to call ANY of it entertaining on ANY level? There aren't enough sharks in the world for this franchise to jump over.

4. I am totally over Idol. At least this season...possibly forever.

Miley Cyrus as a mentor was the last nail in that coffin. Seacrest OUT.

5. As I'm not a runner, I'm not sure what you're looking for...but "Seriously Jane" by Janell Monae make me want to jump around and build mountains...

Hixx said...

Rebar. I heart you.