Sunday, April 25, 2010

The 1st Day

After much ballyhoo, John and I started the P90X very early this morning. I was kind of excited. I've been doing my videos long enough, Netflix has stopped adding new videos to the Instant Queue and everything has just been really stalled for a bit.

We've been accruing everything we need, resistance bands and pull-up bars, extra weights...and finally, this morning about 7AM, we decided we were ready.

It was weird because I never NEVER work out with anyone, especially my husband. Certainly he's seen me (and heard me) twisting and working it out, but we've never done anything together. I was a little self-conscious certainly, everytime he comes upstairs while I'm normally working out, I can pull my legs a little straighter or seem like a real badass, but this time there was no hiding!

I liked the first workout. I have to admit. It was A LOT, a lot of pushups and pullups, going from one to the other, one to the other and of course I can't even do one pullup (or barely a pushup if I can't do it "lady style) but you really do feel kind of like a badass when you're doing it. They definitely worked us hard...John was a real trooper, it's hard to start a workout from nothing.

But I'm not interested in "high reps with low weights," I'm not interested in "toning." I want some damn muscles and this was definitely harder. I've been doing Pilates (from videos) for like 3 months now and there is this ab-blaster after the chest and back on PX90 and I gotta tell you, that ab workout almost killed me. I thought I was pretty strong, but DAMN. I was cryin' out.

Tomorrow is Plyometrics - jump training. I'm really looking forward to that. The little that I've done from the Shreds is really kind of fun. Although I'm thinking maybe the PX90 jump training probably isn't very "fun."

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