Monday, April 26, 2010

An X update

One thing one thing, before P90X. I just finished Last of the Mohicans and it is NOTHING like the movie. Nothing. So if you think you're going to read this book and it's a big romantic love story, it isn't, at all. Like...opposite people die from the book to the movie. I'm kind of annoyed, but mostly because I was looking to read the movie, which I didn't. I read about Indians dressed like bears and many many fights in a forest. Bah.

Okay, so second day for the P90X which is the exact same thing as PX90. I don't know which one is right but if you google both you get the same thing. I would look on my sheets of paper but that would require me to be able to lift up my arms, which I am not prepared to do just yet.

Also, John and I are not doing the nutrition portion of this thing, we just can't right now. I mean, we could, but we're not, so all updates have to be taken with the consideration that it's entirely possible we had cheeseburgers the night before.

We did our first day and that was chest & back and then a 15 minute "ab-express" or some shit which basically has turned my insides out and thrown them on the ground. So much for Pilates on video.

Today was Plyometrics which John assumes is a brand new word and I'd have to agree with him, but it's "jump training" which is really hard and pretty fun. You never really realize how hard jumping is until you jump for an hour. I made it through, but barely.

And now everything hurts. My arms, my abs, my BUTT IS KILLING ME. But you know what? This is great, because I've been exercising for a long time and haven't felt some good pain in a long time. Plus, I feel pretty secure about not going overboard and hurting myself. These past few years have taught me what I can and cannot do, so the pain doesn't scare me.

But ow dammit! Ow. My butt. Ow.

If anyone has been doing home videos for awhile and likes it and this is the way you work out, I definitely recommend the p90X. My god.


Melisa with one S said...

Plyometrics: NOT a new word. :)

I'm jealous of your P90X. Or PX90. Whatever.

Hixx said...

Thanks Melisa! Totally right, looks like the training started to gain real popularity in the 20's and the term was coined in the 1970's! Neat!

Pdsal;fio85 - that's my new workout.