Thursday, March 25, 2010


Whooo boy! Man, does it get any better than this? It's like it's just for me! Last night I was yelling and screaming and I was all on my own. I just love it.

Okay, so so much happened. Boston Rob continues to just rule. I don't know what else to say. I remember him being good, but I don't remember him being this physically or mentally strong.

Oh wait, and then I got this great idea! you know how the family members come in later in the game? If BR makes it that far, WILL AMBAH COME? Oh god, oh please, oh god I hope so.

Okay, sorry, back to it. So BR winning the immunity and the reward was so intense. I figured a chick was going to win, or a small dude, because that would be mighty hard if you're a big guy. And it looked mighty hard for a big guy. I'm so impressed he won, truly. It looked like it did come down to strength though by the end of the rope maze. But I'll be happy if Candice never wins anything.

Now, I thought James' speech to Colby was one of the greatest things of all time. James is (was) so funny because he's so .... dense, but he's also really smart. I think we've all been wondering where Colby is and I hope this makes him raise his head and figure out he can still be in this game. How fun would it be to watch Rob and Colby, villain vs. hero, fight it out? Yeesh!

Alright, so here's the big question of the day. Was Tyson's ousting Russell's doing? Or Tyson's? Now granted, Russell (who I love, don't get me wrong, but I'm a Rob fan for sure) played it really really well. No doubt. I love him being aware he's not playing with the same sort of people as last time...I love him wondering it they'll figure it out about the idol and the voting. But, then he really does pull the brilliant move of pulling Tyson into his game. I am not denying that was fantastic on his part. I mean, did he really think all of this that far ahead? If they're doing 3 and 3 but he can get Tyson to vote for Parvati and then give her the idol and then turn it right back on Tyson? OMG! That was great.

BUT, I still hold true that Rob is THE mastermind of the game. It was Tyson's stupidity that messed up Rob's plan, not Rob.

Here's the thing I worry about though, Coach seemed mighty impressed by Russell giving the idol to Parvati, I worry that Coach is going to end up as a swing at some point. And at some point, everyone's going to realize that Boston Rob is great to have on your team, but not great to have as a competitor.

I have NO idea what's going to happen. And I love it so much.

Next Thursday seems like miles away.



rebar said...

I was yelling at the screen as well last night. Mostly I was saying, "TYSON, YOU ASSHOLE! DON'T FALL FOR IT!!

I totally agree with you about BR this season. In fact, I was thinking the EXACT same thing last night. That I remember him being good, but I don't remember him being this physically or mentally strong.

He's always been able to toggle folks to follow his plans, but he's truly kicking ass and taking names in this season.

I was surprised he beat everyone on his team during their section, but once I saw that it was a 3 story structure they had to climb, I knew that, unless he fell and broke his leg, he'd beat Candance.

Here's the difference between BR and Russell (in terms of game play) - BR's playing with tenacity, while Russell is playing with ego.

They're both smart, but they are coming at it from different starting places.

Russell feels like he has something to prove, where BR is just, "game fucking on."

Loved James' speech to Colby - loved even more that it was TO Colby and not just ABOUT Colby in an interview.

While I was getting tired of James' lack of tact in dealing with his team/his frustration, I'll miss him. He is that mix of good ole' boy dunce/smarts, plus, he really loves the game and I have a hard time faulting anyone whe wants to play that hard.

>>Was Tyson's ousting Russell's doing? Or Tyson's?

70% Russell
30% Tyson

But in the end, it was Tyson's own fault for not knowing that YOU CAN NOT TRUST ONE WORD OUT OF RUSSELL'S PIE HOLE.

My god. Did any of these idiots watch Russell last season? There are only three guarantees with Russell.

1) If there is an idol and you don't have it? Russell already found it.

2) Russell lies. 24/7. Every word out of that boy's mouth is suspect.

3) He will never do anything to help ANYONE but himself in the game.

If you can't embrace those three truths about Russell (completely on display last season), then he will send your ass home.

This is what Coach will learn too late. Russell will never vote of Pavarti. It's not about keeping his word (sure, he'll do it if it's convienent and works in his favor), it's about furthering himself in the game.

Which...good on Russell. The whole point IS to further yourself in the game. Play it day by day.

While you can try to look down the road in some ways, I don't really think you can truly play a long game - you have to play it day by day.

Russell was not setting up Tyson for days, he set him up in hours. I would stake my dog on that.

That said, I love that they are really showing how good BR and Russell are at the strategy side of the game. This is the first season that really feels like a chessboard being played out.

>>BUT, I still hold true that Rob is THE mastermind of the game. It was Tyson's stupidity that messed up Rob's plan, not Rob.


BR's only downfall will be that the folks he aligned himself with are too stupid to listen to him...while Russell's folks are too stupid to question him.

Which is...Mind-Blowingly Awesome in a way.

>>And at some point, everyone's going to realize that Boston Rob is great to have on your team, but not great to have as a competitor.

This is inevitable...because even if they can't figure it out, Russell will put the target on his back.

I think the next big move will be the tribe merge and who will win over what remains of the heros.

Right now, I'm predicting that:

1)Russell will get most folks to start to turn the tide against Rob prior to the merge,

2) while Rob keeps himself alive via winning immunity/staying away from tribal council

When the tribes merge, that will be where the the real test of who's king of the island happens.

Never thought I'd enjoy "Douches and Nerds" this much!!

Hixx said...

Rebecca, I could seriously make out with you right now.

And I think you're right about BR and Russell. Russell is coming from the wrong place in this game. Now I've had one Russell fan tell me that BR should have seen that Tyson was a weak point. And maybe he should have. But there is no way BR is going to be able to save every possible outcome.

He assumed Tyson was smart enough to stay in the game, hell, I assumed Tyson was smart enough. He fucked up twice now, I love Tyson, but he's not as savvy as I thought.

If Russell and Rob both make it to the merge, well I don't know what the hell is going to happen. I think it'd be easy to swing people to vote for Rob in that scenario, because Russell is just not as strong. He will use that "oh, I couldn't beat you in a challenge, but Rob could." That will scare people for sure.

I fear for BR after the merge for sure.

Russell seems to sneak by because everyone thinks he's so harmful, he's harmless. He'll be easy to get later, he's not that strong, we'll get to him...

I don't know man, I don't know. But I swear it does not get any better than this.

Anonymous said...

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