Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Thursday Seven Central

Pop culturally, there are many things that I love. I love Lost, Project Runway, Top Chef, Gossip Girl, American Idol and many others. I watch these shows with relish. I post on message boards. I get in arguments about who might win what prize and what they might wear when they win it. I seem passionate, I seem interested.

But a lot of my love for television is really a love for discussion. Yes, I like Lost, but the truth is I really don't know what's going on - sure - good and evil basic ideas and all that - but I watch and love Lost because so many others do. Project Runway sure is fun, but if it were lost to me somehow, I could go on. Gossip Girl, a show I enjoy, yet I miss it and miss episodes and that is okay, it really is, but how long could my love be then? Maybe I don't love it as much as I say.

There is one show. One show that lives up to the hype I give it. One show I really cannot miss. One show I have been loyal to my entire life. One show that is the pure truth of what the Hixx is. That show, is Survivor.

When I say that I am excited for this season of Survivor, that is an understatement so far under light can't even get in. It's like everything Survivor has worked for for the past 20 seasons culminates in this - All Stars 2. It's like everything I've worked for with Survivor, culminates in this - All Stars 2.

The lineup is unreal. I mean Boston Rob vs. Russell vs. Jerri vs. Colby vs. Tyson (love) vs. COACH vs. Rupert vs. OMG I mean it's all just too much. What is going to happen? I can't even picture it. We were all talking about who is going to be voted off first and it's like...well...you know...Boston Rob...and then no! Probably...Coach yeah...or Colby I mean, he almost won and then...no, they'll probably just ditch the girls really quick and


I really. I'm just so excited. Will they even have hidden immunity idols? Exile?

I picked Colby as my MVP, I didn't even know what to do, seriously.

Oh lordy.


Kate said...

There is no bigger Survivor fan than you, but I am pretty damn excited about this new season!

Anonymous said...

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Hixx said...

Kate, I have no ownership! Survivor is a free market! We shall all enjoy its bounty!

And A. you are making me laugh.

Becky Eldridge said...

OH MY FREAKING GOD! I am so out of touch---but Colby? Colby? I can NOT wait

Hixx said...

Yay Becky! Becky's on board! I love it so much. it's like Survivor is bringing the world together.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Hixx said...

Anon, I like this one: "I noticed the axiom you have not used."