Monday, February 08, 2010


We had a really nice weekend for John's birthday. We went out to dinner to the Silver Palm, it's a train car restaurant and I thought it'd be fun...since we were on a train last be on one this year! Yay! Plus, Bourdain had gone to the Silver Palm and we love Bourdain, so...

John's parents came Saturday and we went to Hackneys and The Half Shell, all in the same day! Totally luxurious. Then yesterday we hung out with our friends and each other and it was just a really great weekend.

I'm real happy about the Superbowl! I know nothing about football, but I like me some New Orleans and I am a romantic about historic urban places and they needed something cool and civic like this. I like celebrating cities.

I read The Density of Souls by Christopher Rice, he's Anne Rice's son and this book is almost exactly The Secret History by Donna Tartt, almost exactly but not as good. Still though, I read it and read it because I had to know what was going on.

I'm on Season 4 Disc 2 of The Wire. Love it.

I saw Julie & Julia and I'm so mad at it I can't even ...I'm so mad at it. Anyone? have you seen this? Are you mad at it? There was no resolution: Julie spends the whole movie saying how Julia is so perfect and never loses her cool so we wait and wait and wait, each time Julie says it, we wait for a scene where Julia Child loses it, never happens.

Alot of things never happen that are introduced, big fat guns in the first scene that are never shot off by the 3rd. Hurumph.

Now I'm too mad to blog anymore. And I blame it all on Nora Ephron, not on Streep or Adams, they're great. Hurumph.


rachelle said...

we are on season 2 of the wire and completely addicted! we're at the part where mcnulty just had to do the undercover at the brothel. that was hilarious.

did you read the book julie & julia?

Hixx said...

I love that, where he's doing his english accent badly? Hilarious! So glad you like it. We can discuss.

I did not read the book. I'm sure it's lovely. I totally blame Ephron for the movie.