Wednesday, February 10, 2010

This is very upsetting

Well, we knew it was going to out one day. Turns out today is that day.

Jillian Michaels is getting busted for her pills.

And I just can't figure any of it out. I find it so strange. I find it strange that she put her name to diet pills, I'm surprised she didn't know she was going to get sued. I'm surprised no one around her - who seem to control her media pretty well - thought maybe she'd get sued. Why is Jillian Michaels on diet pills?

And you know, of course the lady who is bringing the case is a dumbass. Of course she didn't lose weight by taking pills and should not be suing, but if Jillian & Co are too stupid to see they were wide open?

The whole thing is weird.

Now the headlines read (look at her arms man in the pic though, damn):

Is Biggest Loser's Jillian Michaels a Big Fraud?

And headlines like that hurt my feelings. I cannot in anyway understand why Jillian Michaels would do this, but I still love her.

It's sad to see someone fall like this, I mean...if they're smart they could pull her out of this but it's REALLY stupid. I'm just so mystified.

Poor Jillian. Well, maybe it won't really affect her because I'm still going to do my damn Shreds every day because they're the only ones that really do anything.


DietInsider said...
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Mental P Mama said...

I wondered why she had her name on that junk, too. But I didn't know about the suit. The only news we had yesterday was the weather. Gah.

Hixx said...

Mental P! Yeah, you getting slammed there? I'm just amazed she would do that and that her "people" would let her do that. So weird.

Kate said...

That is surprising. It seems strange that (1) she wouldn't have a lawyer she talks to regularly about business decisions like this and (2) that she would hock pills anyway since her focus has always seemed to be strictly on diet and exercise. I wonder who convinced her it would be a good idea.

Hixx said...

Kate, that's what I think too. Who let her do this? And why did she? She's so not the pills type of person. I wonder if they really even legally could use her name and image. I'm agunna see what up.