Friday, February 12, 2010

As good as I thought

Well. I made it to the opening night of Survivor and it was everything I wished for.

I guess spoiler alert!

But not really, not much to say yet BUT, if anything horrible happens to Boston Rob early in the game I'm gonna be real real sad.

Other than that there are two girls I can't remember, Danielle and the other one I can't remember.

It's all about the dudes.

Good to be back.


Anonymous said...

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rebar said...


I have to agree, some of the women, I'm like, "Huh?" It makes me wonder if maybe there were a couple other women they approached who - for whatever reason - passed on the chance to do it again.

While I was a fan of Sugar's in her season, I was glad to see her go. Crying on day 3? Hanging all over Colby like a puppy? Gawh. Awful.

The only thing that annoyed me more (and will continue to annoy me) is how often they refer to themselves as Villians and Heroes. It's such a bullshit theme to begin with and the encouragement to refer to themselves in that manner is just annoying.

If you know this game, you know...there is no villian (only smart strategic players) and no hero. Sooner or later, you have to turn on someone to get yourself further in the game.

I may have to turn it into an angry drinking game just to be able to watch.

Other than that...great start!
Right now, I'm rooting for Boston Rob and Stefanie. Popping a dislocated shoulder back in...that is bad ass.

Anonymous said...

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Hixx said...

Such fun with the Anon battle. I enjoy it.


I really liked Sugar too and was also happy to see her go.

I'm curious about the Coach/Jerri love affair. That could either be wonderful or go horribly wrong.

Stephenie is a total bad ass. I've always loved her, she's so freaking strong. Remember when it was just her on her team? remember that?

But Boston Rob holds my heart forevermore.

And somehow Colby has turned into a nerdy old guy.