Sunday, February 14, 2010

The luxury of self discovery

Spring is coming! I feel it. Yes, there's tons of snow and its cold and ya ya, but it is the END of winter and the end of winter means spring. And spring means tour season.

I'm really excited. I have a great tour planned, I still have to do everything for it, plan it - learn it - walk it - write it, but this is my job. I'm good at this, I'm excited to start the meat of my business. The Pedway Tours are neat and I like them and they solve a big problem with "winter tours" but my spring tour - there's going to be a lot of me in it. The Pedway Tours, you know, the buildings speak for themselves, I'm just a mouthpiece. Don't get me wrong, I love being the mouthpiece for Daley Center and City Hall, it's just, part of the fun is putting my personality in it.

So anyway, I have a lot of work to do. I also just got the word that the Second City tours a go for this spring and summer as well, which pleases me a lot. I enjoy that tour - so my spring and summer are BUSY.

And yet I still watch too much TV. I still procrastinate all the time. I still don't do what I should do. I still don't work as much as I should or - and this is weird - as much as I want to.

I want to do the work. I do. I really do.

Yet...somehow, the resistance is still there! How is that possible? I want to do it but I don't do it!


So, I'm digging deeper. I'm digging deeper on a lot of stuff. I have to trust myself more, trust my creativity, trust my weird mind and stop being so fearful that other people are going to hate me.

Honestly. We humans are such sensitive souls.

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