Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Keeping it Together

Good day! Good day in my house!

Had a really good tour this morning and a great meeting about an upcoming tour project. I like those three words "upcoming tour project."

But the greatest accomplishment of all, the greatest thing that could ever happen happened.

On Saturday night at roughly 10:06, yours truly will be talking to the one, the only, Nick D on WGN.

Who is Nick D you ask? If you ask, you are silly. Nick D is the best radio talk show host ever. He has seen EVERY tv show, EVERY movie, he knows everything about everything pop culturally and is not afraid to admit it.

My brother and I have been listening to Nick D our whole adult lives. One of the saddest things ever was when I learned that John did not listen to talk radio before he fell asleep at night. The horror! John kindly lets me listen to the radio at night now, as long as I set the sleep button for 15 or 30 minutes. Yay marriage!

I sent a press release to his producer and lo and behold he thinks the Pedway is crazy and wants to talk about it.

It is so cool.

I'm going to be on Nick D. WITH NICK D!



rebar said...

Hoorah for press releases that are full of awesome!!

I'm hoping that WGN has a podcast cause I'll be running around on Sat morning...but I know you will KICK ASS.


Hixx said...

Thanks Rebecca! He does have a podcast, but it's short, only like 10 minutes out of his 3 hours. But I'll make John memorize it and he can do it for you at the Town Hall!

Anonymous said...

Hey Rebar

Its Sat night!


Hixx said...

Yeah thanks Anon! Saturday night!