Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A Little Less Conversation

Thank you to Kate for reminding me to put the link for the Nick D show! Here it is. It's fun, have a listen if you enjoy that kind of thing. I love the sound of human voices talking so I've always really liked talk radio. I remember liking my parents parties because I would just hear this quiet murmering of voices. My father used to listen to talk radio before bed...actually news radio 780, but still, I think I have a real sense memory about talk radio. It soothes me.

Anyway, the moment I've been waiting for, me quietly typing away on my laptop while John wreaks havoc on Wolverine on the Xbox.

I cannot believe the difference the new laptop makes. I mean, my laptop was fine, but it was slow and old and couldn't do certain things. And then just working on John's computer was fine, but again...

It's just amazing to me how important the tool is for getting the work done. I didn't even know how hard I was making it on myself - or not even that - but that other people around me, competition of any kind - might have better tools than mine and that's how they could do all the work they were doing. Not that I couldn't do it with what I did have but my goodness is it easier with a good tool.


Other than that, things going well - I think John and I are ready to make the switch to enjoying things a little more, that includes taking care of things - like dentists and doctors and vet bills and new eyeglasses and things we've been putting off for years now. And we're paying off the first of our debt on Monday.

Happy Thursday!


Mental P Mama said...

So happy for you!!! Keep it up! And get to the dentist...this would be the mama in me;)

Kate said...

Yay! On all counts!

And I'm with Mental P. I get cavities if I even look at a piece of candy, so when you have the means, go to the dentist every six months.

Hixx said...

Thanks ladies! I actually have awful teeth, really awful. So for me the dentist is like Christmas. The more dentist appointments, the better.

Yup, I said it.