Thursday, January 14, 2010

Poor little blog

Poor Chicago Stories! it's like no one loves you anymroe, yet...I still love you and will post to you, I promise.

Things are crazy, fun, busy, frustrating, chaotic and calming. How's that life? Living it enough for you?

Tomorrow is John's payday, I think we're both terrified something is going to go wrong and the money won't be there...first paycheck and all. But we're also really excited! Of course all that money is already gone, but its way more fun to have money and have it be gone than to have no money and have none. I'm a great writer.

Months and months and months ago John and I said when he got his first paycheck we were going to Fogo de Chao. We have a reservation tomorrow night at 7:30. We both felt immense amounts of guilt for doing this still...100$ dinner? My god. We haven't spent that much on dinner since we got married and I am not even kidding. I think our highest bill in that past 1.5 years was 50$ because I remember us both feeling awful about it. But I think its important (and fun) that we go. We really have been talking about it for about 6 months and its a real celebration for us. Also, we won't have to do it again for a LONG time because I know even though we promised each other no guilt about it, there will be guilt and for sure we won't be doing that again anytime soon. I'm really excited about it though, it's a goal and we hit it.

Chicago Elevated is rocking and rolling, if you haven't seen my bajillion posts about it, here I am on the WCIU with Aly Bockler:

I should have a Time Out thing coming out next week and tours start on Weds. the 20th! This week has been all about refining and timing and practice tours...

The one thing thats really hard about working for yourself? You have to work for yourself! It's weird, I just have to really work on priorities. It's not what I *want* to work on right now, it's what I have to work on. I haven't gotten as much marketing done this week as I wanted to, because working through the tours is A: More important right now and B: Without a great tour the marketing is useless. So now that Ii'm ready to do the tours, I can work on the business end of things this upcoming week.

And just as a sidenote, I love this. I love what I'm doing. I love learning how to do all this. I love having to do things I don't want to do (phone calls, blech) because it's for me. ME! I love working from home and being with the dog. I work hard here and then am always going downtown or out to something so I don't feel secluded or alone at home. It's my quiet working time and I love it.

My mind continues to constantly harass me with new ideas, new thoughts, new creative endeavors, I'm honestly annoyed there isn't more time in the day.

And tomorrow is payday.

Good days right now.


Anonymous said...
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Sally said...

Have a fun time~we all deserve it occasionally. Sounds like you do too!! :)

Hixx said...

Yay! thank you!