Saturday, January 16, 2010


So um yeah, we totally chickened out of Fogo De Chao.

We just couldn't do it.

I see this as a really good thing. We both felt guilty about it and we both knew we'd feel full and guilty and 150$ less rich. That's a lot of dough, as we've learned so painfully. In one way it would be good for us but in another way, we can't just go around spending money just cause we have some.

So, we compromised.

We ended up going to one of our favorite restaurants, Hai Yen on Argyle. The place is CHEAP, my entree (I tried something new, it was gross, but not because of them, but because of what I chose) anyway, my entree was 5.99. The food is fresh and good for you and delicious and really so cheap. So, we did it up there, ordered more goodies than we normally would have and walked out of there (after a ton of food) with a 50$ bill. And, this restaurant pays us 3 miles per dollar. So not only did we "save" 100$ but we also got 150 miles and we paid with John's United debit we got those miles too...

A lot cheaper, a lot healthier and a lot more meaningful for our celebration.

We're still planning on Fogo in March, when we're caught up and way more on track.

I'm proud of us.


Anonymous said...

I'm proud of you too! Money and meat don't buy happiness... Stuart.

Hixx said...

Well said my brother, well said.

rebar said...

Making smart choices is not "chickening out."

It's making smart choices. (which is something I'm working on as well.)