Monday, January 11, 2010

5 more days

So funny. We have roughly 20$ to last us until John's 1st payday on Friday.

Through this whole shitty/learning/fucked up year, it has amazed me how everything we need shows up just when we need it. Up until this very last week when John's mom sent us 50$, that's 50$ we needed so badly I can't even tell you.

People have always told me that you get what you need. I consider us to be extremely lucky that that has held true for us this year. We've never gone without food, we've (mostly) been able stay current with our bills - the farthest behind we've ever been is right now, when we have an end in sight.

We've borrowed some money this year, I'm not going to lie, but not much - hardly any considering.

How did we get through? I get asked this a lot.

Unemployment helped a TON.
My part time job helped.
Second City tours helped.
The money from the game my dad invented helped a lot
Some freelance work that came John's way helped
Our families

And last but not least, John and I helped by cutting down on pretty much everything we have ever known. I remember the days when we were both working and I wondered how people made it on 100$ a week - spending money. How did people do that? Didn't they need to buy things?

100$ a week right now is a fortune. John and I can go days and days without ever spending one penny. We've gotten really good at it, thankfully.

And even though our broke days are almost behind us now, I think the value of money will never be behind us. We have plans of attack for our money now, we have priorities with our money now. 3 years ago it would have blown me away to know that 50$ would save my life at some point, I just would have never thought 50$ was that much.

Now it's a fortune! Maybe not a fortune...but I certianly know the value of 50$ in a way I never did before.

So 20$ for the next 4 days? Done. Hell, Monday is almost over and there ain't nothing I need.


Anonymous said...

I can tell you how we did it. I NEVER LEFT THE HOUSE. I only cost $10 a month that way.


Anonymous said...

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Mental P Mama said...

I am thrilled for you! And proud. I hope we've all learned to value money during this horror show....

Hixx said...

Yes John, that too lover.

And I like the phrase "burn a theme at this forum" In fact, I'm going to make it my status update.

Thank you mental P! Your words of encouragement have really helped during this time. So thank you thank you thank you!

Anonymous said...
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Erica said...

I'm going to burn a theme at this forum, too.

Y'all are awesome.

Hixx said...

Erica! I miss you.

smussyolay said...

i'm gonna burn a theme up in this motherfuckin' forum! can y'all say hey?

i loved your novel. i read it straight through. you've got the stuff, vis. you've got the stuff.

Hixx said...

Smuss! You read it! I'm so pleased. Thank you so much for reading it. Really. Thank you.