Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Is this thing on?

Alright folks, it's been a few posts since I've even had a comment, that includes thanksgiving. You're all starting to scare me. Am I so caught up in my own head and what I think is interesting that I'm just completely out of touch? That's alright, I'm okay...I'm going to comment bait, you all just watch out:

Rudolph is the best of the Christmas TV and Frosty sucks it. - Discuss

ANTM is finished forever. - Discuss

Michael Jackson never had sex with little boys. - Discuss

I don't want to read anymore books that are too "lady" for me. You can tell by their titles "Memory Keepers Mother," "the Beekeepers son," "My Daughter's Kite Runner." - Discuss

Dexter may have gone off the hinges with it's latest plot hook - Discuss

Russell is a plant - Discuss (By the way, I really don't think he is but I've heard people saying it, doesn't make sense)

Men are smarter than women
Women are more emotional than men
Jewish people are rich
Black people are good athletes
Women over 40 aren't viable beings anymore
Everyone has to learn to cook
People from Chicago are fat
People from the North Shore are snobs



Tankboy said...

You didn't mention Hitler OR the Amish. For shame.

Mental P Mama said...

Or how about how Tiger Woods is starting to make the Governor of South Carolina look good/\? My traffic is down, too;)

kathemc(at)gmail(dot)com said...

Define "sex"
Agreed, but still love trashy chick lit.
NO SPOILERS, lalalalalala, I can't HEAR YOU!!!
Plant, no, but would not be surprised if they were feeding him a lot of info.
Ask me again in January.
"Should" not "has to" per se.
Several, yes.
Several, yes.

Hixx said...

Yeah! And Hitler loved the Amish!

And Tiger Woods and the whole hulabaloo I don't really understand.

Thanks Mental P.

Kate said...

Ew to Rudolph!

Yuck to Frosty!

Yogi's First Christmas is the best Christmas TV of all time!

And I had not heard about ANTM ... so I guess I'm not that sad because clearly I haven't been paying attention anyway.

Anonymous said...

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Hixx said...

Thanks guys, even the spammer, who came along on just the right day.

Kate, I don't know if ANTM is done, probably not, that was just an opinion really.

Yogi Bears Christmas? Huh.

Huh, Kathe you think maybe they're giving him some info? That's interesting....never thought of that. I always just assume all Survivors are pure. Heh.

rebar said...

@Rudolph - Agreed. For many reasons, but #1 with a bullet is that Burl Ives as Sam the snowman kicks Frosty's ass up, down and sideways.

@ANTM - I'm really over Tyra trying to out-Tyra herself. Also, the fact that really none of these models are "top" models...they're just regular working models kind of defeats the show idea. Yeah, she's gotten some girls some work...but I can barely remember most of their names and I've been a pretty faithful viewer.

@Russell is a plant - I don't think he's a plant either. I think he's a dick. BUT, he's a dick who's doing a lot of stuff that I've wondered why nobody ever tried it before - or at least carried off successfully.

1) He never seems to do work around the camp. He even bragged about it during interviews and they never show him working.

Usually, when someone doesn't carry their weight everyone bitches and is ALL over that person for the vote. But nobody ever seemed to care about Russell. I don't get it.

#2) They ALWAYS hide idols around camp. They've never showed folks even looking for them before, but if I was there, I would spend at least some of my time looking for it.

The fact that he's found three is rather suspect...but I think it's more that the production folk are really just hiding them in spots that seem fairly obvious. Especially the tree (how MANY times have they hidden the idol in a tree? LOTS.) and the bridge I mean, when he found the 2nd (or was it 3rd) under the bridge...I was all, "Hey Russell. I bet they stuck it under the bridge." And then he pulled it out.

The rock one was really weird. Maybe the bushes were trampled some? I still don't understand how he found that with everyone around and chasing him.

Also, I think the Foa Foa folks definitely fell prey to the big swelly brain fart of "WE ARE SO AWESOME AND YOU SUCK SO MUCH" ego trip that they didn't really think about the idol coming into play and hurting them.

If you're a fan of the show YOU KNOW how they roll. I'm just shocked it's taken this many seasons for it to happen (at least, I don't recall them really even showing anyone searching around the camp until they recieved a clue or someone shared info about a clue.)

It reminds me a bit of two seasons ago when sugar found the idol pretty easily on her first trip to exile with one clue in hand (I can't remember who went before her, but that guy was completely lost.)

Still. I think if Mick, Jaison and Natalie play smart and pull their heads out of their asses, they can blindside Russell this week and either get him out or make him use the idol.

Convince Shambo that Russell played her AND all of them (that he even convinced Dave, Brett and Monica to vote John out? They would still have the numbers, and could knock off Russell, Dave and the rest of Foa Foa right quick.

At least, that's what I would do.