Friday, December 04, 2009

What is up with me?

Okay, so here's just a few updates on some things:

1. Chicago Elevated's tours can't start yet. We've had some issues that have pushed back my starting date which is just too bad. The new working date is January 18. I think that one should definitely work. It's nothing we can't get past, it's just stuff and red tape, but I'm really ready to go and do this!

2. John starts his job after the new year, so we are hanging in! Now it's gotten to the point where I think we're both enjoying the quiet of these days and enjoying hanging out together. Soon our quiet, everyday lives are going to change (YAY!) and I'm going to miss him when he's gone all day and working overtime. So we're just conserving our money for these last couple of weeks and getting everything ready so by the time he does go (Jan. 4) the house will be in order, all pictures hung, everything in its place.

3. I miss writing a book. Wondering if I should maybe try and write a real one, take the time and really give it a shot...

4. I know my friend Kate has started Lost from the first season and I have to admit, I thought about doing the same thing. Taking this time between now and mid-January to just push through it, like it was a goal...I'm still thinking about this.

5. I love Twitter.

That's about it, I'm just trying to not go see Brothers today. Although, it is at The Davis at 5:00. I could totally make that. Huh.


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