Sunday, November 08, 2009


Amazing week, ups and downs and tears and rib pains and parties and laughter and soup and warm weather and writing and working and bah!

The big news of the weekend is that John got a job! Yes, yes yes yes. It's really great. It's really great. It's a bit stunning and fun and all those good things. My buddhist brother warned me not to let it get too "great" and I know just what he means. We weigh things with equality, if I can't let the bad times take over my mind, I can't let the good ones either.

What I can do, is enjoy it however. Appreciate what we have, appreciate the temporary, appreciate the moment. And wow are we coming back with a bang, we have learned so much, so many mistakes will not be made again, oh trust me, I know new ones will be made, but we are excited to apply what we've learned.

We also had the Chicago Elevated fundraiser, I'm writing about that on Chicago Elevated, but it was successful and awesome and so fun and just so cool.

My focus now is just to keep my cool, keep my wits about me and just keep moving forward and staying open for everything to come on in.

The weather doesn't hurt huh? Yay Chicago!

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