Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Goodness, never thought I'd say this

But oh my goodness do I miss my exercise.

I did something so evil to my ribs last week, remember that? It's better but it still hurts and I've really been working on just keeping myself quiet and resting and concentrating on making it better. But I can't really run and I can't really ride my bike and even walking is uncomfortable (although a lot less so, no worries, it really is getting better), but man oh MAN. Do I miss that focus that I get from it. Also, I tend to spend at least 15 minutes "meditating" after I stretch and stuff, I miss that too.

I put meditating in quotes because I don't think that's really what I'm doing, but it is more of a focused thinking. I quiet down and focus on what I'm going to do that day, how it's going to look, think of things I want to attract (hello money!) and just generally prepare myself for whatever day.

Without exercising or stretching that all seems so silly to me for some reason. Like I'm just going to sit in a chair and focus...it's just not the same.

I'm hoping that I'll only be out a week (I got this nasty pain last Thurs) and really want to be back to it by Thursday.

Who knew exercise would become such a cornerstone? I think it really makes a difference working from home too, its easy to just sit here and eat and walk the dog every once in awhile, but there's just something about getting myself up and motivated and my heart racing and all that before I settle down to work.

oh man, sure fire sign of getting old...I need my exercise.


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