Friday, November 20, 2009

Pro Choice? Yes, but not too much

Heh, you thought this was going to be a big abortion post, but it's not, it's about shopping. Just making sure you're paying attention.

I have maintained for many years that I hate shopping. It's entirely possible that this is one of those personal stories I tell about myself, but I really don't enjoy it. I don't like shopping for clothes, or groceries, or books even - and books are my favorite thing in the world. Stores make me uneasy, so big and so flourescent lighting, women pushing past me to get at something I didn't even want in the first place, waiting in's just not my thing.

But with the onslaught of budget maintaining we've been learning, I have been learning how to shop...better. When John goes back to work in January, I will be working from home, which means....I will be cooking. Ack. Anyone who reads this blog knows that I don't cook (another personal story, but I don't. I didn't say I can't cook, I just said I don't cook, heh). So now that I'll be the one cooking, I'll most likely be doing much of the grocery shopping. Grocery shopping is by far the worst of the shopping experiences.

Lately though John and I have been playing the game of getting our groceries from all over. The Jewel sucks, let's face it. It's expensive and huge and corporate and all those things. Now we walk to the produce place and get our fruits and veggies there. We're already trying out some local bakeries for more bread and that kind of thing. We head down to our cheap bodega for eggs and milk and bread.

AND, we've started going to Aldi. I'll admit it, I'm a snobby girl from the North Shore in so many ways. I was leery of going to the Aldi. I had heard such iffy things, people didn't like it, the food is bad, etc.

What? What I say? I LOVE THE ALDI! Love it. It's cheap oh so cheap. And the best thing of all is that there is no choice. Do you want fake Cheezits? There's only one kind. Do you want bananas? Only one kind. Do you want fake frosted flakes? Only one kind. Oh it's such a relief. It's so small, there's only like 5 aisles! Oh the lack of choice just makes my heart sing. Then I bring all of my fake groceries up to the lady and she says, "oh that will be 5 cents please" and I give her 5 cents and put my fake food groceries in my backpack and away I go!

I really think the big stores, the Jewels, the Targets, the Borders - all make me incredibly nervous because there is just too much choice. Apparently, I like to be told what to do and Aldi tells me what to do.

We haven't been to the Jewel in weeks, I think our wallet shows it, my relaxation shows it and supporting our local businesses (not that Aldi is a local business, but our other stop and shops are).

I'm the Martha Stewart of Aldi.


Kate said...

I love independent grocery stores! We have one out here called Joseph's Marketplace ... it is just the bomb (yes, I just typed "the bomb"). Amazing produce, lots of ethnic foods (hello, vindaloo and kluski noodles) and cuts of meat you can't find at Jewel.

I used to be an Aldi snob until my MIL and I got into a conversation about it one day. She swears by their frozen foods (because of the Trader Joe's relationship) and loves how inexpensive it is. Also, I'm much more likely to go to the one in town here than the one near Broadway and Montrose. I don't know why, but it always sort of creeped me out.

smussyolay said...

there's lots of aldi's in the city. broadway/montrose. montrose/western. clybourn/fullertonish. boom! aldi.

hey. if you want to lend me your car, i will grocery shop for you anytime. i LOAVE grocery shopping. i loved it stoned, and i love it sober. love love love grocery shopping.

Hixx said...

Kate - Yeah, we're totally headed that direction of independent grocery stores. And yes, that Aldi on Montrose and Broadway is the one we have been going to and it's actually pretty okay.

Smuss - you love grocery shopping! That must be nice, it doesn't give you the heebie jeebies? I may take you up on your offer..