Monday, November 23, 2009


It's all so fascinating isn't it? Once you get one thing kind of settled, another thing pops up. This is fine with me, as long as the one thing that's settled stays settled.

Anyway, as John and I climb our way up and out of budget/self-imposed exile hell, I've put on a few pounds.

Figures right?

It does figure, because now we can go out with our friends more, have a beer or two, go out to eat, go to the movies, buy actual figures that in these first couple of weeks I might gain a few. Again, I'm alright with that.

But I'm not really, so I added 10 more minutes to my run this morning and added heavier weights, but really, it's about learning to love less.

I read this post. I'm intrigued. I always worry that I should be a more passionate person, that I should care more about everything. But really, especially when it comes to food, I need to care less. Really, a lot of things could be helped by loving less:

1. Chocolate and cheeseburgers. This is just the personal story turned on its head. I've made it known my whole life of my passion for cheeseburgers. But really? Really Hixx? You LOVE cheeseburgers? No dude. You don't. And if you stop saying and believing that you LOVE cheese and meat, then maybe you won't feel this weird pressure to have one all the time. Right?

2. TV. Oh wow, I mean what else does the Hixx love besides cheeseburgers and chocolate? TV. Oh she loves TV right? That's what she says all the time right? Let's knock this down a peg, I don't love TV and really, could use less of it. Although I might enjoy it, if I just relax my language and my attention, then TV becomes something maybe I enjoy, but not LOVE.

3. Complimentary attention. Who doesn't love this? But if you learn to desire it less, how can that not help? Sometimes I write or do things differently than normal because I'm worried that someone might get mad, or challenge me. Redonk.

It's so interesting, the different messages we get. So much is "be passionate" about something, or "care more" when really, the answer might be "be less passionate, care less."

We'll see how this new thinking goes. All this talk of cheeseburgers has got me hungry.

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