Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Media Update!

Okay, enough philosophical venting on my life. Let's get down to it:

Amazing Race - so much better this year in terms of tasks to accomplish. Shit was getting too easy on that show and it was all coming down to taxis and plane rides. However, I think the personalities this year are zzzzzzzzzzzzz. I like Flight Time and Big Easy, but generally, meh. I'm not really rooting for anyone. I do think those poker girls losing in the round they did was totally sexist. Both of those tasks required some serious strength and every other team had at least a dude who could ring the damn bell. I call bullshit.

Survivor - what can I say? Everytime is different on this show and I love it. Do I love or hate Russell? Neither really, I'm not necessarily rooting for the guy, but I love the way he's playing the game. I made a bet with two friends that he wouldn't make it to the merge and I lost said bet. However, neither one of those friends reads this blog, so there. I'm perfectly happy to have no Exile Island either. Hurumph.

Modern Family - Love.

V - We liked the first ep and then really didn't like the second one. We'll see what happens tonight, but meh. I don't really like Juliet-actress lady, it always seems like she's sucking in her nostrils.

The Prisoner - I'm partially madly in love with Jim Caviezel, so I'm good. I think it's interesting but fear it is another Lost hole that I will just keep falling down without every knowing what in the hell is going on.

Friday Night Lights - I don't even know what to say. This show just gets inside and makes me cry.

ANTM - not watching

Project Runway and Top Chef - so clearly above and beyond almost any shows on TV. I think project runway might be my favorite show ever even though I am terrible at picking out what is good fashion or not. But I love them both. And I hope the brothers lose on Top Chef, I can't help it.

That's all I can think of, I'm way behind on Gossip Girl. It makes me sad, we don't talk about it in this house.

What am I missing here?


Erica said...

I'm telling you, So You Think You Can Dance. Last week about half the dancers got told they weren't as hot shit as they thought they were and it was kind of great. It is a really strong and talented season.

HOW CAN ANYONE NOT LOVE THE GLOBETROTTERS?! Those brothers are fighting dirty. I hope the Globetrotters sweep the whole thing. Yeah!

I'm rooting for Kevin on Top Chef (love him) and Carol Hannah on Runway.

ANTM got better after episode 3. And if you can ignore Tyra, even better. It's down to country adorableness or willowy quiet weirdo. I am hoping country adorable Laura wins, though, cause she's adorable and has great energy and is super pretty.

The Prisoner was a special show for my Dad and family, so I'm not watching but I am intruiged but a little nervous about being emotional, so I'm just not watching. Plus, it might be too intense for me these days.

I love that shows are ending, cause I want to get my holiday movies on, yo. Plus there's other shows like Whatever Martha and Long Way Round which we are watching right now that are awesome.

Anonymous said...

d e x t e r

Hixx said...

I know, people tell me that about SYTYCDfklads;k, but I just can't do it.

I do like the Globetrotters, they're my favorite for sure, but everyone else is zzzzzzz. Where's the deaf son and the mother? You know?

Soon Lost will be on. And 24 I think will be back right? I'll have to check.

And oh yes, Dexter. I love Dexter. Jonathan Lithgow is scary.

smussyolay said...

i need to watch modern family. everyone keeps talking about it. you're forgetting GLEEEEEE. but we had that late-night convo about it and you aren't in loave with it like i am.

can't believe you're still watching survivor. you're a diehard. although for all the reality tv i've come to watch, that was the first one, and it was the one i mocked "who would watch that shit, blah blah blah?" i should have known i was going to become a reality TV addict.

i stopped watching project runway. i can't believe i just said that. when it switched channels i left it. i should go and catch up? i don't know. it was like it literally lost its luster.

i was never a top chefer, but then i was when it came to chicago and then they did that stupid pro chef thing that i could barely watch except when chicago peeps were on and then only sometimes. so, i should give it a whirl again?

okay. i should try again, maybe. not like i need more TV to get addicted to. if only i had a dvr.