Friday, October 02, 2009

Ah well...

We lost the Olympics. Boo.


I wanted to win, I really did, I wanted Chicago to win, so it could feel good about itself. But I know in the long run it's probably not best for Chicago and also...we didn't really deserve it. My guess is that Daley pushed and thought he was so cool and the IOC just wasn't having any part of it, which is actually great of them.

Also, as a woman who's starting her own tour business...well....I could have made a BAJILLION dollars in 2016. But what the hell, by then I'll have everything I need and want anyway. So, I'm cool.

On a side note, we watched GI Joe last night and my mind is blown with what a stupid movie that was. It was all one big long fight, no script barely. Really dumb.

I've given up on ANTM this season. It's not even a model show anymore, now it's just pretty short girls pretending to walk. We all know they're not going to be famous models, seriously. I'm serious about Gossip Girl, Project Runway, Top Chef, Glee and Survivor. Everything else is getting lost in the wind.

Survivor, how do I feel about Russell? At first I really hated the guy, now I kind of dig him. Finding the immunity idol before any clues had been dropped was actually pretty freaking amazing. And he's been doing a good job of letting people fight it out between themselves. AND, he's making for a great season of Survivor so far, so I'm all for it.

I am not digging, however, the merged Immunity/Reward challenges. One of the best parts of Survivor are the challenges, we like them...less "reality tv" more challenges!

So back to work for me, maybe no Olympics, but that doesn't mean I'm finished too right? Don't worry folks, I'll make sure we're up there for 2020.


Erica said...

I'm relieved about 2016, honestly. I dunno.

Everyone I know is giving up on ANTM this season, and I might be about to. In fact, I might this weekend do a DVR purge to liberate myself from the TV.

Though, you didn't list Amazing Race as one that you are watching. Let me just say this: HARLEM GLOBETROTTERS! I'll cry if they get kicked off. Damn those Washington Generals.

Kate said...

I've given up on ANTM, too. I can't deal with Tyra's antics anymore and the short girl thing is just no good (even if I was the prettiest girl ever, I couldn't see myself trying to front as a short model).

I am sort of interested in seeing how Tyra does in that upcoming episode of GG, though.

Russell is my favorite contestant! Maybe in the history of the show ... although I did like James an awful lot, dumbass though he may be.

Hixx said...

I know Erica, me too, especially having a day to let it go.

Oh yes! I'm watching the Amazing Race for sure. LOVE the Globetrotters, I think they're awesome.

Kate, Tyra on GG, I just don't know. I'll just have to watch and see.